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Attorney for Sexual Assault Victims

Our law firm in Greenville represents sexual assault victims. If you are a victim of sexual abuse, legal help is available. It is our goal for each victim to have justice. The assailant and those who protected or facilitated them should answer for their actions and the harm that they have caused. We pursue financial compensation and accountability.

At Jordan Law Center, we advocate for sexual assault victims. We are your ally and a trained team of legal professionals. We understand that sexual assault is devastating, and life-changing. As your representatives, we use an engaged and detailed approach to advocate tirelessly for justice.

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What Constitutes Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault is unwanted touching of a sexual nature. It occurs without consent or when a person is unable to consent. It may involve force, threats, deception, or coercion.

Examples of sexual assault include:

  • Assault, battery, rape, non-consensual sexual touching
  • Using a position of power to coerce sexual activity
  • Assaulting someone under the guise of medical treatment
  • Drugging, incapacitating someone
  • Sexual harassment, unwelcome comments or advances
  • Sexual contact with someone unable to consent because of disability
  • Posting private images online without the consent of those involved
  • Soliciting children to engage in unlawful sexual activity
  • Threatening someone, including threatening to disclose images or information
  • Child sexual abuse

Sexual assault may or may not involve penetration. It doesn’t necessarily involve force, and a victim is not required to fight back. There may be use of weapons, drugs, threats, or forcible confinement. There may be a single incident of assault, or it may be reoccurring or ongoing.

Where Can Sexual Assault Occur?

Sexual abuse occurs in many circumstances. Too often, the organizations that we trust hide and perpetuate abuse. Predators make their way into these organizations and harm victims.

Some places where sexual abuse occurs are:

  • Schools, universities, daycares
  • The workplace
  • Churches, religious organizations
  • Foster care, child services
  • Medical care facilities, doctor’s offices, hospitals
  • Physical therapists
  • Psychological care and counseling services
  • Elder care facilities, nursing homes
  • Sports leagues, school, community, and private athletic organizations
  • Dance studios
  • Camps
  • The home
  • Online
  • Hotels and motels

Abusers are often people that we trust. They may have a position of power that they exploit.

Being a victim causes physical, mental, emotional, and financial harm. As your Greenville sexual assault lawyer, we will seek justice, and we will seek to uphold your rights.

Can I File a Lawsuit for Sexual Assault?

A sexual lawsuit is a legal claim filed on behalf of a sexual assault victim. The lawsuit demands financial compensation for the victim because of the devastating harm caused by sexual abuse.

In addition to financial compensation, a lawsuit seeks answers about what happened, how the abuse was allowed to occur, and who may have enabled it. It may result in a finding of legal liability for the offender and those who failed to stop the abuse.

Sexual Abuse Victims Have Rights

Sexual abuse victims have important rights. The legal system holds offenders accountable. Victims may receive financial compensation. You may have the lawyer of your choice represent you.

How a lawyer can help

If you have been the victim of sexual assault, you may bring a lawsuit. You may have a valid legal claim even if criminal charges are not filed. Even if powerful institutions and organizations deny liability, a legal claim requires them to answer for their actions.

At Jordan Law Center, we are experienced lawyers. We understand how important strong litigation and advocacy skills are for sexual assault victims. With extensive courtroom experience and engaged representation, we get justice for our clients.

Compensation for Sexual Abuse Victims

Victims may receive compensation for:

  • Medical care
  • Psychological harm
  • Mental injury
  • Emotional suffering
  • Lost income
  • Disfigurement
  • Punitive damages

Punitive damages may be awarded as a punishment for extremely offensive behavior.

We will work to maximize compensation in your case, reflecting the many ways victims are harmed by the abuse they endure.

Legal Representation for All Ages

Jordan Law Center is a team of lawyers who undertake complex litigation on behalf of our clients. We’ve tried many cases in court to reach a jury verdict. This experience gives us insight and the ability to fully advocate for our clients.

Our law firm focuses on representing those who are hurt by the actions of others, including people who are sexually abused.

Here are some reasons our clients choose Jordan Law Center:

  • A team of accomplished lawyers with a track record of success.
  • Litigation experience that includes many courtroom appearances. We take on powerful individuals and organizations who allow abuse to occur.
  • We’ve handled cases in Greenville County courts, South Carolina appeals courts, and federal courts in South Carolina. We’ve even handled cases in other states involving complex, multi-district litigation.
  • Millions of dollars in verdicts returned for our clients, including verdicts of more than $1 million. We can’t guarantee results, but we’ll put the same effort and skill into your case.
  • Compassionate lawyers, who make sure to fully understand your circumstances and your legal needs.
  • An engaged, detailed approach to litigation, involving constant communication.

To learn more about how we can help you, contact us at 864-808-1810 to schedule your free initial consultation.

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