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Greenville Personal Injury Lawyer

Jordan Law Center: Where Your Rights Are Valued Above All Else

Work with a Greenville personal injury lawyer who will take up your fight. At Jordan Law Center, our results speak for themselves. We handle personal injury claims, and we’ve recovered millions for our clients. If you’ve been hurt, we’re here to represent you.

When you’re hurt by the actions of others, you need a personal injury lawyer. Whoever you hire must have the skills, experience, and determination to represent your interests. At Jordan Law Center, you can have representation from an accomplished attorney with significant courtroom experience.

Having a personal injury lawyer gives you a dedicated professional working on your case. We know what to do to build your claim, maximize results, and simplify the process. Don’t wonder if you’re taking the right steps to pursue your compensation. You can leave it to our team of professionals.

Jordan Law Center accepts personal injury cases in Greenville and throughout South Carolina. We create a personalized plan for each case, and you’ll know the team that is dedicated to your cause. We’ve handled complex claims and lawsuits, so we’re ready to serve you, whatever your circumstances.

If you or a loved one has been hurt by the actions of others, you need a Greenville personal injury lawyer who is capable, determined, and experienced. That’s what you can expect when you choose Jordan Law Center. We communicate with you throughout your case, so you have answers to your questions and confidence in our services.

As devoted legal counselors, passionate advocates, and aggressive representatives, we take swift and exacting action against negligent parties and other entities that have caused needless harm on innocent victims. If you were injured in a car accident, in a pedestrian accident, in a slip and fall accident, or a work-related accident, you can trust our Greenville, SC personal injury lawyer to take action on your behalf.

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Testomonials From Our Clients

“There is not enough GREAT THINGS I could say about Jordan Law Center.”


“Would recommend to anyone!”

-Anthony C.

“Highly recommended!”

-Brad L.

“I would definitely use Jordan Law for any future legal assistance.”

-Brian S.

“Trust me, you will not go wrong letting Jordan Law Center handle your legal needs.”

-Catherine W.

“Jordan Law has been working with my family and I for over a year due to a car wreck. They have been very helpful and informative throughout the whole process. They have kept us up-to-date in a timely matter and have always remained professional and kind!”

-Corenthia F.

“A big kudos to one of the best law firms in Greenville, SC.”

-Helene Gillery Skoniecki

“He worked extremely hard for my family.”


“He helped us on our case and was very professional.”




“If I could give this company 10 stars I would in a heart beat!! Melissa and William were the nicest people for me and my family. I handed them a very difficult accident case and after 4 long months of arguing with insurance companies I was given more money.”

-Madison L.

“They went above and beyond”

-Michaela S.

“I highly recommend this law firm to anyone seeking a personal injury attorney to handle their case.”

-Michelle E.

“Will and the team handled our case in the most utmost professional and yet sensitive manner. They had a sense of urgency for us , yet never rushed anything. They provided us with step by step details and updates of our case, coordinated all info in a very timely manner and negotiated on or behalf for a end result we were very satisfied with. We would highly recommend Will Jordan and his firm.”

-Paul G.

“Greatest injury lawyer in Greenville SC.”

-Sony A.

Start Your Personal Injury Case for Free

For a free consultation with Jordan Law Center, we invite you to contact us. Start your case as early as today. There’s no cost to learn about our services and your case with no money down. Contact us now.

Why Choose Jordan Law Center?

Here are some reasons to choose Jordan Law Center as your Greenville personal injury lawyer:

  • We handle injury claims, representing victims.
  • Our results speak for themselves. We’ve collected millions for our clients. We can’t guarantee results, but we’ll work just as hard for you.
  • Attorney William Ashley Jordan, III, has significant trial experience. He’ll fully pursue your case, the right way. He takes cases to trial when that’s what it takes.
  • Whether you’re located in Greenville, SC, surrounding areas, or throughout South Carolina, we can represent you. We’ve even handled claims in other states.
  • Each client receives a personalized case plan. Our team will take the time to learn your case and your goals. We’ll pursue your interests.
  • With contingency fees, we get paid for results. Everyone can afford to work with Jordan Law Center.

South Carolina Negligence Laws

When we meet people for the first time, they want to know how the laws apply to their situation. For most claims, negligence is the law that applies. Negligence means that if a person is at fault for hurting someone else, they should pay the victim compensation.

Being at fault is based on whether someone acted reasonably – with reasonable care and caution like we all should. For example, reasonable people obey traffic laws. Reasonable business owners keep their stores free of hazards that can injure customers. Nursing homes take steps to prevent harm to their residents.

If someone acts negligently, and you’re hurt, you may have a claim for compensation. The burden to prove the case is a preponderance of the evidence, which just means more likely than not. The plaintiff must bring their case and prove their damages.

This is a general explanation of South Carolina negligence laws. There may be other laws that apply to your situation. For a personalized review, please contact our legal team.

What to Expect When You Work with Us

When you work with a Greenville personal injury lawyer at Jordan Law Center, you can expect:

  • Compassion – We know how hard it is to suffer an unexpected injury. Our compassion for our clients gives us a sense of purpose and dedication to our mission.
  • Communication – To represent you well, we need to understand your situation. You’ll know your team by name and how to reach us. We encourage you to contact us whenever you have a question or something to share.
  • Commitment – We will pursue your case in full. With sound experience in litigation, we’re prepared to go to trial if necessary. Expect no compromises from our team as we seek justice for you.

Types of Injuries We Handle

A personal injury impacts each victim differently. You may have injuries that heal with time. You may never fully recover. All personal injury victims suffer physical pain. Emotional harm can be devastating.
Here are some types of injuries our law firm handles:

Our team understands the types of damages payable in personal injury claims. As your lawyer, we identify the damages associated with your injuries including pain and suffering. Then, we’ll build the evidence to support your claim.

Location and Directions to Our Injury Law Firm

Address: 622 Wade Hampton Boulevard, Greenville, SC 29609

Our offices are located on U.S. Route 29 – Wade Hampton Boulevard in Greenville, SC, northeast of downtown. US-29 has multiple lanes in both directions and a turn lane in the middle. We are in between Wellington Ave and Batesview Dr.

Greenlink bus route 508 Wade Hampton passes by our offices. Timmons Park is located behind our offices.

Jordan Law Center is a two-story building, beige in color with windows facing the street. Our firm name is in large letters on the front. There is parking in front of the building. We are next to the Ambassador Animal Hospital.

Personal Injury Claim FAQs:

How long do I have to file a personal injury claim?

You have three years to file most personal injury claims. The limit is the same for wrongful death claims. There is a shorter timeline when a defendant is a unit of government.

How do I know if I have a personal injury case?

Generally, having a personal injury case is based on being hurt by the actions of others. Most personal injury cases are based on negligence. To know if you have a personal injury case, consider whether others acted with reasonable care based on the standard of an ordinary, reasonable person. You must be injured because of the negligence of another party. There are other standards that may apply depending on the specific case.

Do I need a personal injury lawyer to start a claim?

To start a personal injury claim, you file a summons and complaint in court. You may file your case with or without a lawyer. However, insurance companies have large teams of lawyers to fight claims. Even an innocent mistake involving something you didn’t know can unravel your case. Having a personal injury lawyer gives you a representative with knowledge of the law and legal procedures to oversee and pursue your case.

Do I have to accept the settlement the insurance company offers me?

You don’t have to accept a settlement that the insurance company offers you. You have a right to file a legal claim and take your case to trial. Whether it’s best to accept a settlement depends on the specific circumstances and what you might receive at trial. If the insurance company isn’t offering you a settlement that is within the range of probable trial outcomes, it may be in your interests to reject an offer.

Who makes the final decision regarding my settlement?

Ultimately, both parties must agree to reach a settlement. Your lawyer can offer guidance about whether you should accept a settlement, but you’re the one who makes the final decision. Even the judge can’t decide for you. It’s up to you. If the parties don’t reach a settlement, the case proceeds to trial.

How much is my case worth?

The value of your case depends on your damages and the strength of your legal claim. In general, the greater your injuries, recovery time and suffering, the more your case is worth. Other factors like the strength of your legal claim and sources of compensation may impact your case value.

Does South Carolina have damage caps on personal injury settlements?

There are no damage caps on most personal injury settlements in South Carolina for economic or non-economic damages. Punitive damages are limited to three times actual damages or $500,000, whichever is greater (S.C. Code § 15-32-530). In addition, there are limitations in noneconomic damages in medical malpractice claims unless an exception applies under (S.C. Code § 15-32-220(E)).

Will my case go to trial?

Since it’s your choice whether to accept a settlement, whether you go to trial is something you have some measure of control over. If there are honest disputes, it may make a case more likely to go to trial. However, as your personal injury lawyer, we build evidence of all elements of your claim to put you in a position to reach a settlement, if you choose.

How long will my case take?

Some cases are resolved in several weeks, but a case may take 18 months or more. It’s important to balance needing to fully prepare the case with wanting to resolve it quickly. Generally, the greater the damages or more legally complex the case is, the longer it may take. Our law firm works to resolve your case expeditiously.

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